Theology of the Body resources from Fr Sam Medley

TF-JP2-1Fr Sam Medley has been in touch with some resources following on from his presentation to the Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life (APGL) on Wednesday.

First of all, here is the text of the first paper that he gave: Introduction and Overview of the Theology of the Body. I have just downloaded it so as to be able to read it through carefully in a quiet half hour. I do recommend it to you. (The second lecture was a more informal and personal talk, so there is not a text for that. We may be able to put an mp3 online some time.)

Father also spoke of the presentation of the Theology of the Body on the Street Level which was conducted for the diocese of Corpus Christi in Texas. This includes video, audio, and powerpoint notes.

Another project was the Love and Responsibility Discussion Group which took place in a coffee shop and proved very popular with university students.

Blessed Pope John Paul's Theology of the Body has not been well served by sensationalist presentations that have put off many orthodox and traditional Catholics. There is much still to be rediscovered in his profound reflections on our created masculinity and femininity, on marriage, celibacy and the Christian concept of love. Fr Sam is doing some sterling work in promoting this development in theology.

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