Good Counsel and SPES

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Carol singing for the Good Counsel Network. Today I was at their chapel to give Benediction at the end of the day's Adoration. I always enjoy a cup of tea and a chat afterwards (no chocolate hobnobs in evidence). They told me today that some of the people who turned up to sing carols had heard about it here. So - there are still two opportunities to join them: 16th and 22nd December (see the post mentioned for further details.)

Earlier in the afternoon, I was at the St Patrick's School of Evangelisation which has its own blog, Hope in the Heart of Soho. I was speaking about the nature of the Church and it was a good session with lots of questions and exchange from an enthusiastic and thoughtful group of students. Say a prayer for the success of their street evangelisation in Soho and Oxford Street.

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