On retreat

I am away on Retreat from today until Saturday lunchtime so there will be no blogging until then. The Retreat is organised by the Society of St Catherine of Siena and Fr Ignatius Harrison is the preacher for the Retreat; the theme is "The Roman Mass, the Blessed Sacrament and the Priestly Life".

It is at Belmont Abbey which I have not visited before so I look forward to seeing it. I know a couple members of the Community from the Merton Conferences. The first evening we will be celebrating a Solemn High Mass in the parish Church in Hereford which I understand has been magnificently restored by Fr Michael, a member of the monastic community who is also the parish priest.

The train ride is very relaxing - a lovely journey through the English countryside. You know when a station is coming up because you start to see houses. I enjoy these journeys because I am usually travelling through Greater London.

I will remember all of you readers in my prayers while I am away.

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