Facebooking preborns

Thanks to the SPUC news service for this item. Someone has invented the "Kickbee" which will transmit signals from unborn baby to Facebook such as "I kicked Mummy at 11.38am." Although this is a striking reminder of the humanity of the unborn child and therefore important, those of us who agree anyway on the humanity of the unborn child might be able also to see that it is a little amusing as well.

It struck me that the Facebooking pre-borns need to be careful of some agencies that might foist on them the faintly Jansenist requirements of modern sacramental preparation. They could be pestered to join a Facebook group for lectionary-based pre-baptismal catechesis if they are not careful. Then I suppose us trads could counter that with subliminal recordings of the old Mass so that on birth, they could answer up "Ad Deum qui laetificat iuventutem meam" or reach for a mantilla, depending.

See the article at Mail online.

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