Alcuin Reid on "Dominus Est"

This weekend's Catholic Herald carries a review by Alcuin Reid of Bishop Athanasius Schneider's book "Dominus Est" (The little book that will cause a great storm). As I reported recently, Bishop Schneider's book is now available in English. (See: Bishop Schneider on EWTN)

The review's comments on Pope Paul VI's Memoriale Domini are important in understanding the background to the widespread introduction of Communion in the hand. (See also: Memoriale Domini - a reminder)

Dr Reid closes his excellent review with some pertinent observations about the impact of the book which makes a strong case for restoring the practice of receiving Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue:
That it will provoke a storm is unfortunate, for the practice it advocates is a practice of love and of humility, one from which no one who truly adores Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament ought to recoil.

But perhaps today some controversy is necessary. Future generations, though, may well wonder why we took so long to realise that it is, indeed, the Lord, and once again to behave accordingly.

This is 2008. Benedict XVI is the Pope. The Holy Father has himself already reformed the manner of reception of Holy Communion at the Masses he celebrates. Let us follow his example. It accords with the teaching of Pope Paul VI.

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