"Monstrous Regiment of Women" blog

Fiorella Nash has started her own blog "Monstrous Regiment of Women". I say "her own blog" because I think that she has been helping behind the scenes with more than one blog already.

Fiorella is a sterling pro-life campaigner, mother of two, and a published author. (You can buy her novels from the sidebar of her blog.) The picture shows her delivering a copy of SPUC's report Bias and the BBC to Broadcasting House. (See: BBC helped to cover up child molester.) For various reasons, them I think we can expect some good writing at this blog.

(The "monstrous regiment of women" is a reference to the title of a work by John Knox: "The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women". As a militant Protestant, he was particularly worried about Mary Queen of Scots and Mary Tudor, but his tirade against women in power was rather muted by the accession of Queen Elizabeth I. On his return from exile, Knox had to slope off to Scotland.)

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