Film clip: priestly ordination

From the 1963 film "The Cardinal". As the Bishop anoints the left hand of the priest:
Consecrare, et sanctificare digneris, Domine, manus istas per istam unctionem, et nostram bene + dictionem.
O Lord, deign to consecrate and sanctify these hands through this anointing and our blessing.
As the Bishop anoints the right hand:
Ut quaecumque benedixerint, benedicantur, et quaecumque consecraverint, consecrentur, et sanctificentur, in nomine Domini nostri Jesu Christi.
That whatsoever things they shall bless shall be blessed and whatsoever things they shall consecrate shall be consecrated and sanctified in the name of our Lord jesus Christ.
As the Bishop hands on the chalice and paten:
Accipe potestatem offerre sacrificium Deo, Missasque celebrare, tam pro vivis, quam pro defunctis. In nomine Domini.
Receive the power to offer sacrifice to God and to celebrate Masses, both for the living and for the dead. In the name of the Lord.
Here is a link to the full text of the rite of ordination of a priest in the usus antiquior.

H/T Catholic Church Conservation

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