Petrol, molten wax and altar servers

Fr Z go this really good tip from a reader:
Fr Z. now that altars are becoming higher and higher, so to speak, some practical difficulties ensue.
I heard this practical tip on how to light really high candles from an old priest … . It makes me think that this is not something you should try at home, lest you burn your house down!

I might try it myself, though...
Take a little chunk of wax, melt it in a pot. An electric stove is safer for this… Then put a tiny amount of petrol (gasoline[this is where things get interesting] into the pot away from the stove. [Good tip.] Mix it well. Let it dry. Put tiny globs of this on the wicks of the impossibly high candles to be lit long before Mass. When it comes time to light them just before Mass, one merely has to touch the flame to the wick and it begins to burn nicely immediately.
I have three boys itching to serve the old Mass after their first Holy Communion next Saturday. I have granted them concessions over the past few months, allowing them to be torchbearers at Benediction, Stations of the Cross, and the Rogation Procession yesterday morning.

They would love to be let loose with molten wax and petrol in the sacristy. But I think I will invoke the spirit of "elfin safety". This reminds me that we should have some more fire safety training:

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