Baroque splendour

Many thanks to Shawn Tribe at NLM for alerting me to the recently opened exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, "Baroque 1620-1800. Style in the Age of Magnificence." It runs until 19 July so I am determined to find an opportunity to visit.

The V&A Museum is next to the London Oratory where you can benefit from baroque splendour as a part of the daily programme. The V&A's dedicated microsite has a video of Fr Rupert McHardy celebrating Low Mass at the Lady Altar at the Oratory. They have rather played fast and loose with the sound track. Have no fear: Fr McHardy does not say the Lavabo whilst opening the Missal nor does he say the Gloria Patri while making the sign of the cross at the beginning of Mass.

By the way, North American visitors should be warned that in England, the second syllable of "baroque" rhymes with clock, not cloak. So when you hear it, don't be shoaked ;-)

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