Pro-Life walk near York

A parishioner who is studying at York passed this on to me and I'm happy to publicise what looks to be an excellent afternoon's activity:

Walk for Life- A prolife walk of witness and prayer
Sunday 10th May

Organised by Catholic parishes in York, with blessing of Bishop Arthur of Leeds and Bishop Terence, Middlesborough

1.15 - 1.30pm- Assembly at the west front precinct of York Minster. The walk passes through the city to the Margaret Clitheroe Monument, Ousebridge, and to grounds of the Bar Convent, where the relic of St Margaret Clitheroe will be venerated.

The walk ends with 5pm Mass at the Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Dalton Terrace, followed by refreshments.

Total distance of the walk is about 2 miles. St Wilfred's Church, Petergate, and English Martyrs Church, Dalton Terrace, are open for prayer all day.

Further details - email Pat

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