Theology of the Body Conference

Robert Colquhoun, who writes the Love Undefiled blog, has sent me details of a Theology of the Body Conference to be held on Saturday 6 June 2009 from 10am to 4pm at Vaughan House, 46 Francis Street, London, behind Westminster Cathedral. Here is the text:
This is a day conference of six fascinating talks covering the essentials of the theology of the body. The contemporary relevance of Pope John Paul’s catechesis on life and love will be discussed. A special emphasis will be placed on promoting this teaching in today’s society .

Guest Speakers:
Joanna Bogle — Marriage & the Church
Rev William Wright OSB - Eros and Agape
Damian Polly - Resurrection of Body and Celibacy
Matthew Nichols - Purity of the heart & Life in the Spirit
Robert Colquhoun - Male and Female he created them

Any questions or to reserve a place (first come, first served)
Contact: Robert Colquhoun

Suggested donation for the day: £10.

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