Well Known Saints DVD - volume 1

Mary's Dowry Productions have sent me a DVD with five-minute biographies of several saints, illustrated with classical works of art. The DVD has lives of Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Paul, Saint Joseph, Saint Faustina, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Anthony of Padua. This is volume 1 of Well Known Saints: volume 2 is in production.

One use of the DVD would be to show at Confirmation classes to help young people choose a patron saint. I would suggest that it would also be useful as an introduction or conclusion to Family Prayers, perhaps on the feast of each of the saints. Each short biography ends with some scripture or a prayer that parents or an older child could read to the others.

The DVD is £9.99 from Mary's Dowry Productions Online Shop.

The same team have now released "St Edumund Campion: a hero returns" and have sent me a copy. I'll do a post about that when I have had a chance to watch it.

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