New bible resource at New Advent

There is a recent development at the ever excellent New Advent website. The Bible is presented in parallel columns: Greek on the left, English in the middle and the Latin Vulgate on the right. Navigation is provided by a list of all the books at the top and a list of chapters of the current book underneath. The English version is the Douai Rheims with the comments by Bishop Challoner. I am filled with admiration for Kevin Knight and others who help with the site. Their dedication has provided yet another superb resource for those who wish to deepen their faith.

Rather than presume that everybody knows, I should add that New Advent also has the texts in English of many of the major works of the Fathers of the Church, the full texts of the 1909 Catholic Encyclopaedia, and the Summa Theologica in English, as well as many other articles of interest. The homepage is nowadays a blog roundup which offers a useful starting-point for good posts on other Catholic blogs.

H/T Patricius at Singulare Ingenium

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