People of God arise!

Some liberal Catholics in America have started a petition called "What if we just said wait?" proposing a "grassroots review" of the Roman Missal and a delay in implementing the new (more accurate) translations of the texts of the Missal. The poll website refers to an article from America Magazine. Some snippets:
... systematic dismantling of the great vision of the council’s decree.

... endorsement, even encouragement, of the so-called Tridentine Mass. [Err. Who calls it that now?]

... We can see the present moment only as one more assault on the council and, sadly, one more blow to episcopal collegiality

... Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie, Pa., tried mightily to stop the new translation train but to no avail.
You get the picture, perhaps. See Fr Z for a full fisk.

The "Statement of Concern" from "What if we just said wait?" offers only one choice, presuming that this speaks for the people of God. The poll from What If We Said, “FINALLY!?” offers you three choices:
  1. Finally! Full speed ahead!
  2. I agree with the article and want a delay for some ineffable reason.
  3. Drop the translations in favor of the original Latin.
So, People of God, why not go on over and have your say?

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