Symposium of The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum, whose Director is Dr John Rao, is a renowned Catholic historian. I have listened with profit to several of his lectures while driving round the M25 to Wonersh or Parkminster. The website informs us that
[The Roman Forum] was founded in 1968 in the wake of Humanae vitae by the great philosopher, Professor Dietrich von Hildebrand (1889-1977), whom Pope Pius XII called “the twentieth century Doctor of the Church”.
It is dedicated to a systematic teaching of the True, the Good and the Beautiful and promotes the revival of Christian culture, defending "the one force that can pull all of the aspects of nature and the supernatural together", namely Catholicism.

This July The Roman Forum is holding a Symposium in Italy (on the Gardone Riviera) on the subject "The Politics of Faith and Reason? Or the Triumph of the Will?". HLI, the Remnant, Inside the Vatican and the FSSP are all represented. There is sung Mass every day in the usus antiquior.

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