The return of the monocle

Gerald Warner brings us an important report on a matter of vital moment:
The news that Vision Express is to start selling single eyeglasses (vulgarly known as monocles) in its London stores is raising some eyebrows (at least, those not already arched by a lens) and is baffling style gurus who are more used to assessing trends in baseball caps and trainers. Apparently it is a youthful fashion, in which case it will not last. It may cause some perplexity among the relentless dressers-down in Cameron circles and raise fears of a wave of reactionary opinion.
I have to say that my social background means that I did not even know that the single lens was called an eyeglass; but owing to the grammar school system which was still in place when I was a boy, I do at least know the word "monocle" which, for the sake of personal authenticity, is the term I shall continue to use for this accoutrement, even at the expense of seeming vulgar. As they say, "You can take the man out of Croydon, but you can't take the Croydon out of the man."

The fashion rather appeals to me but holy poverty compels me to wait until monocles appear on the website of Glasses Direct.

See: If monocles become popular eyewear, will it signal welcome reaction or undesirable 'inclusion'? Gerald's essay on this important topic in the Spectator is also essential reading.

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