First Christmas lunch of the season

Each week, a team of ladies in the parish cook a three-course lunch for about 40 people. I would like to get to this more often - for both pastoral and gastronomic reasons. Today was the Christmas lunch and although I was late after celebrating a funeral this morning (please pray for the repose of the soul of Jillian O'Shea), there was some left for me.

Background was provided by Mary on the keyboard. She is a regular blog reader and often brings in print-offs for others who do not have the internet, so it is good to be able to feature her here.

The Team were keen to be on the blog also - they sent me back into the presbytery to get my camera! Above you can see Maura on the left and Head Chef Tricia on the right. The specifications for the sparkling, state-of-the-art, kitchen was designed especially to make sure the Lunch Club meets all the "elfin safety" regulations.

Here are two more stalwart workers, Audrey and Tracey:

I have to say that although priests do sometimes get more Christmas dinners than they really have room for, this one was really superbly cooked and it was good to eat in such congenial company.

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