Forms, the body and the Fathers


The philosophy of forms and the theology of the body have been the focus of the first two talks at the Faith Theological Symposium at Ampleforth. Fr Stephen Boyle this morning looked at some different ways in which Pope John Paul's "theology of the body" audiences have been interpreted, and showed that his emphasis throughout on the problem of concupiscence gives no room for some of the exaggerated ways in which people have spoken about the body.

This afternoon, Fr David Barrett will be speaking about St Hilary of Poitiers. He will soon be defending his doctorate on St Hilary so it will be good to hear from him about one of my favourite Fathers.

I'm afraid that internet access is a bit restricted since I have to use a computer in the hospitality office (office hours only.) I had to make sure that my Catholic Herald comment got in on time this afternoon. Comment moderation and further blogging will have to wait until tomorrow.

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