Congratulations to Rev Edwin Barnes

Former Anglican Bishop, Edwin Barnes, was ordained to the Diaconate this morning by Bishop Crispian Hollis in his private chapel. Rev Barnes' ordination to the priesthood will take place on Saturday 5 March.

Rev Barnes was a Provincial Episcopal Visitor, known colloquially as a "flying bishop" and he will be a trusted friend for many Anglicans who are considering taking the step of joining the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. His Ancient Richborough blog has always been an encouragement to Catholic-leaning Anglicans. I owe it a personal debt of gratitude too, since it has for some time provided me with good number of visitors every day.

Do read Rev Barnes' post More Revs from which I took the above photo. To the left of Bishop Crispian is the ever cheerful and sound Deacon Stephen Morgan.

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