High Court judgement: Christian belief inimical to children

Experienced foster parents Eunice and Owen Johns have been told today that their beliefs are inimical to the interests of children. They were not willing to say that the practice of homosexuality was a positive thing. The landmark judgement of the High Court means that Christians who hold to traditional Christian moral teaching on sexual ethics are now not considered suitable foster parents in Britian. (See: article by the Christian Legal Centre.)

The Judges were obviously concerned to avoid being accused of discriminating against Christians and so they ruled:
That there is no religious discrimination against the Johns because they were being excluded from fostering due to their moral views on sexual ethics and not their Christian beliefs
It seems that their Lordships want to rule on what we ought to believe as Christians. Andrea Minichiello Williams of the Christian Legal Centre is right when she says that
"Britain is now leading Europe in intolerance against religious belief."
In fact, after today's ruling there is no logical reason why social services departments should not home in on Christian parents and take their children away for having beliefs that are inimical to them in the weird and twisted world of modern British equality law.

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