In which Fr Andrew doesn't joke but I do

Fr Andrew Brookes OP answers a question today: Quodlibet 34 - The differences between Dominicans and Franciscans?. I must confess that when I saw this in the feed reader, I thought it was going to be a humorous answer as there are many jokes about such questions.

Don't worry - I will tell you one in a minute, but before that, have a look at Fr Andrew's post because it is a good, brief answer to the kind of question that many people ask. Jokes about rivalry between religious orders are just friendly banter: among those who respect their own vocation, there is always a great respect for the authentic vocation of others. Here is the conclusion of Fr Andrew's answer:
Although both Dominic and Francis both lived very poor personal lives, Franciscans are seen to place a higher value on poverty as an end in itself in following Jesus whereas Dominicans tend to see it as helping us to live simply and be free to preach and to love and to trust in God, so it is more of a means to an end, perfection consisting in love of God and neighbour.

There have sometimes been historical tensions between the groups but there are also strong links binding us together as parts of the one body of Christ.
Now for the joke - with apologies if you have heard it before.

Which order is more successful, the Dominicans or the Jesuits? 

The Dominicans were founded by St Dominic to fight the heresy of Albigensianism. The Jesuits were founded by St Ignatius Loyola to fight Protestantism... So when did you last meet an Albigensian?

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