The Priority Trust

The Priority Trust has a sharp practical focus of providing mobility equipment for physically disabled children and young people so that they can participate in society and be enabled to achieve their potential

Last August, the Catholic Herald ran an interview with Kieran Prior which tells of how he secured a job at Goldman Sachs where he made staggering amounts of money for them despite living with a disability similar to cerebral palsy. (See: Religion and the City go hand in hand)

Kieran wants to ensure that other physically disabled people are able to achieve their potential. In this, a crucial factor is having the right mobility equipment at the right time. As he says:
Without the equipment that aids my mobility, my achievements both academically and professionally would have been impossible, rather than difficult. This should never happen again. Going forward we have the opportunity to ensure that every child’s need is met.
This specific need is the focus of the Priority Trust. The website observes:
There is a recognised and sustained problem with the provision of the correct mobility equipment for disabled young people that will enable them to play a full role in society. However the problem is sufficiently specific that a concentrated amount of funding will have a significant impact.
They quote a 2006 report from Barnardo's:
A number of official reports highlight that over the past 20 years there have been no significant changes in the delivery of wheelchair services, with the result that disabled children and young people are still facing numerous difficulties in being provided with the right mobility equipment at the right time.
Looking at the "Who we are" section it is obvious that a number of senior business and financial people have been recruited to help the charity. The clear and specific aim reflects the practical wisdom of those who have to show results in their working life and want to apply the same approach to helping others in need.

I'm happy to do my bit to make The Priority Trust better known and especially to commend to you the story of Kieran Prior who is the inspiration behind it.

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