FSSP in England: forthcoming pastoral and spiritual events

Fr de Malleray and Fr Leworthy FSSP are not letting the grass grow under their feet. The current list of forthcoming events is indeed impressive. Their zeal and diligence is an example to all of us. Here is a barebones list of events listed (so far) until the end of the summer:
  • Lenten Silent Retreat 25-28 March at Douai Abbey
  • Vocation discernment weekend 8-10 April at St John Fisher House (the FSSP residence in Reading)
  • International Juventutem youth gathering 4-6 March in Fribourg, 
  • FSSP pilgrimage for World Youth Day in Madrid 9-21 August
  • Residential retreat (men and women 18-35) at Douai, 9-11 September, organised by Young Catholic Adults and led by Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP
  • Day of Recollection on the Feast of St Joseph at Ladyewell Shrine in Broughton (near Preston) on 19 March
  • Full Easter Triduum at St William of York, Reading
  • Sung Mass at Tyburn for the feast of the English Martyrs (4 May), praying for the conversion of England
  • First Solemn High Mass of newly ordained Fr Matthew McCarthy on Sat 28 May 3pm at St James's Spanish Place
  • Clergy Summer Retreat 4-8 July at Cold Ash Pastoral Centre
  • 11-14 July Fr Simon Leworthy will be leading a Liturgical training session for priests in Ireland
  • Monthly: Men's group, Ladies group, and Holy Hour
See full details at the Forthcoming Events page of the FSSP site for England. Pray also for the Vocations Discernment Retreat which is taking place at St John Fisher House this weekend.

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