What happened to the blogroll?

Apologies for the blogroll being out of action for a few weeks. Bloglines was taken over by someone else and the promised seamless import all the subscriptions fell quite a bit below "satisfactory".

One or two people have said that they used my list of blogs as a jumping-off point so I'm in the process of adding lots of blogs to a new blogroll powered by Google Reader. I use this service to follow other blogs but I am in the process of adding various blogs to different labels for use in the sidebar here.

In the process, I have been doing a bit of weeding. A (fairly arbitrary) criterion that I have set is that if a blog has had no posts for six months, I click "unsubscribe".

If, on the other hand I have missed your blog, feel free to post a comment here. It would be a great help if you could post it with a proper clickable link. (Here are some instructions.)

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