Movie meme

Hilary has tagged me for a meme. Let me say that I do not usually do these because it is enough trying to keep up the blog anyway, but looking at this one I immediately felt a rant coming on ...

The meme is: Top-Five Critically-Lauded Movies I Simply Detest

OK so here we go - off the top of my head:

Four Weddings and a Funeral
Nasty denigration of marriage and light-hearted celebration of vicious and cynical adultery. A film that I switched off half way through. I imagine its follow-up "Love Actually" is as bad. I'll not be ordering that one for rental. (As Sir Dan once commented: "Fornication Actually.")

Angela's Ashes
Mis-lit for the big screen. People from Limerick pointed out to me that it actually doesn't rain there every day. In its frenzied desire to attack the Catholic Church, this splenetic celluloid hate-fest manages to insult the Irish generally.

Gangs of New York
What a horrible, stinking, prejudiced portrayal of Catholics with a gratuitously sacrilegious portrayal of Holy Communion! Truly ghastly stuff on every level - can't imagine why I watched this.

Black legend for the late 20th century. Like there is any basis to suggest that missionary priests murdered those who brought them to England!

The Life of Brian
Yes, I know some of it is funny. That's the point. This film taught generations of youngsters the language of blasphemy. When they string you up for going to Mass, this film will be part of the groundwork.

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