Blessed Sacrament Procession

The Blessed Sacrament Procession takes place at Lourdes each every day at 5pm. It starts by the open-air altar on the Prairie, crosses the Gave River and then goes along the Esplanade half way, turns right and goes into the underground basilica of St Pius X.

Once inside the Basilica, there is a relatively mild bit of creative liturgy with albed personages standing with bowls of incense. At least there is plenty of smoke. Then the sick are blessed with the Blessed Sacrament and finally everyone is blessed. Again, participation is helped by singing the Tantum Ergo in Latin, and hindered by having the Corpus Christi Collect in a modern European language.

Here is a photo of how they have livened up the underground Basilica by hanging huge pictures of some saints.

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