Warning - "Medical Aid for Palestinians"

Recently, a flyer for "Medical Aid for Palestinians" (MAP) was distributed with copies of the Universe, the biggest-selling UK Catholic Newspaper. I understand that the editor is now aware of the problems with MAP. They include:

On the MAP website page on public health awareness, we read the following:
Working in partnership with the Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFPPA), MAP is supporting a one year programme to raise awareness among young people of reproductive and sexual health, health rights and gender issues including family planning, and marriage counselling. The programme will feature lectures and workshops, home visits, leadership training summer camps, and the involvement of religious leaders in addressing gender issues and women's rights. The campaign will cover five marginalised villages around Bethlehem, the Old City of Jerusalem, and a Bedouin encampment.
Further information about the PFPPA is found on the MAP Our Partners page:
Still a relatively 'new' partner to MAP, the PFPPA was established in Jerusalem in 1963 as an independent not for profit organisation whose goal is to provide Palestinians with quality services in sexual and reproductive health, in particular to underpriveleged families in the West Bank and Gaza.

Based in Jerusalem but with six offices and clinics in locations across Gaza and the West Bank, the PFPPA is a full member of the Internation Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).
The President of the Charity until 2004 was Lord Steel. (Cf speech to the House of Lords, 27 May 2004) As David Steel MP, he introduced the Private Members Bill in 1967 which became the Abortion Act.

The President since January 2005 is Baroness Helena Kennedy. She is also Chair of the Human Genetics Commission and supports therapeutic cloning. She is on record as saying:
I support my noble friend Lady Gould in paying tribute to the noble Lord, Lord Steel. The noble Lord holds a special place in the hearts of women because of the way he piloted the Abortion Act 1967 through Parliament.

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