England: dramatic draw - Yeeeeess!

The BBC website reports:
England will play Ecuador in the last 16 of the World Cup after securing a dramatic draw with Sweden to top Group B.
Since Germany have beaten Ecuador, this means that England will be playing Ecuador on Sunday afternoon. This is very good news for Paul Meredith and Rhianne Trill who are to be married here on Saturday afternoon. Had England lost, they would have been playing Germany during the best man's speech.

For our Blessed Sacrament procession on Sunday afternoon, the bad news is that some people will stay away to watch the football. The good news is that there is zero chance of the procession being disrupted by hooligans.

The world cup oddschecker from the Sporting Life gives the following as of now for the outright winner:
Brazil : 11/4
Argentina : 4/1
England : 7/1
Germany : 8/1
Spain: 9/1

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