Morning after pill - Governors' responsibilities

In many schools, Governors are complicit in the provision of the MAP to children under 16. The MAP is know to have serious adverse side effects. On 6 June, Mr Amess MP asked the Secretary of State for Education and Skills about liability in cases where such adverse side effects harm children.

The answer from Beverley Hughes makes clear that the Nurse and Primary Health Care Trust are those responsible. However, she also states:
School governors are responsible for ensuring that the school has consulted parents on the nature and scope of any health services available in the school; and ensuring that a protocol exists with the PCT/Trust that makes clear which services will be delivered by PCT/trust staff working on the school site.
This has obvious implications for Catholic schools whose Governors should make quite clear that School Nurses do not provide the abortifacient (and dangerous) Morning After Pill in Catholic schools.

From Hansard for 6 June 2006.

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