Man who cracked the genome finds God

Francis Collins, the director of hte US National Human Genome Research Institute speaks about the rational basis for belief in God. He says:
When you make a breakthrough it is a moment of scientific exhilaration because you have been on this search and seem to have found it,” he said. “But it is also a moment where I at least feel closeness to the creator in the sense of having now perceived something that no human knew before but God knew all along.
Fr Stephen Dingley who did a doctorate in Astrophysics at Cambridge and now teaches theology at Wonersh made a good point in the discussion of "intelligent design" theory at the last Faith Winter Conference. He argued that the "intelligent design" school was ultimately arguing for a God of the Gaps and that we should not be saying "I cannot explain this, therefore God exists" but "I can explain this - therefore God exists".

Article in the Sunday Times I’ve found God, says man who cracked the genome. Hat tip to Fr Jim Tucker of Dappled Things.

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