Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday vestments

Shawn Tribe has a good post discussing the colour of vestments for Good Friday. (NLM: Red vestments, Black vestments; Two Liturgical Forms, Two Liturgical Colours)

Today in my parish, we had the Good Friday Liturgy in the ordinary form using red vestments as prescribed. I have two deacons and therefore we used our red High Mass vestments: a magnificent 19th century French set which are ideal for Pentecost or for Confirmations - or indeed for a solemn celebration of the feast of a martyr. They are not really suited to Good Friday.

I see that the Holy Father had the same dilemma today. Mgr Marini has dug out a wonderful set of red Roman vestments and it is great to see Roman vestments being used more and more for papal liturgies - but surely these ones would be better suited for a more joyful occasion?

I agree with Shawn's suggestion that black should, at the very least, be restored as an option for Good Friday.

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