Important interview with Cardinal Hoyos

Gregor Kollmorgen at the New Liturgical Movement has done us a great service by translating the whole of the recent interview given to L'Osservatore Romano by Cardinal Hoyos. (See NLM: Interview with Cardinal Castrill├│n on the Motu Proprio - updated). I would like to highlight two particular extracts:
We need to be clear: this is not a return to the past but a step forward, because this way you have two treasures, rather than only one.
This is a sensible answer to the clich├ęd characterisation of the use of the Classical Rite as "going back". His Eminence also picks upon one of the most important features of the "Gregorian Rite" as he says we may call it:
We must comprehend some differences: the larger room for silence for the faithful, that fosters contemplation of the mystery and personal prayer. Finding again spaces of silence is today for our culture not only a religious necessity.
I have found that it is important to explain to people unfamiliar with the usus antiquior that the Canon is said quietly by the priest. This can be counter-productively "disquieting" for those used to the Novus Ordo but need not be if it is explained properly.

One important point the Cardinal makes is in response to the question of the supposed "excommunication" of members of the Society of St Pius X:
The excommunication concerns only the four bishops, because they have been ordained without the mandate of the Pope and against his will, while the priests are only suspended. The Mass they celebrate is without a doubt valid, but not licit and, therefore, participation is not recommended, unless on a Sunday there should be no other possibilities. Certainly neither the priests, nor the faithful are excommunicated. Let me reiterate in this regard the importance of a clear understanding of things to be able to judge correctly.
Cardinal Hoyos is coming to England in June and I very much hope that I will have an opportunity to meet the great man who has done so much to foster the restoration of traditional Liturgy.

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