Restoration in Rome

Fr Sean Finnegan (Valle Adurni) reports on a visit from the Heralds of the Gospel who gave an afternoon of recollection in his parish with a pro-life theme. The post includes and interesting snippet of talk from the Roman scene:
They told me that the rector of their church in Trastervere, Rome, one Mgr Angelo di Pasquale, a man who served under all the Popes since Pius XII at various liturgical functions, is much in demand at the Vatican for his memories of how papal ceremonies ought to be performed. We have all suspected that there was a clear agenda of restoration afoot; apparently there is a group of clerics who are officially but quietly planning and carefully steering it; there is a lot more to come! Others known to be involved closely in this group are Mgr Paccanelli, the Ceremoniere of St Mary Major, a Fr Sciacca, a senior official in the Roman Angelicum University and, of course, Mgr Georg Gänswein, the Holy Father's secretary.
It is very important to garner information and first hand experience from people who lived with the older form of the various rites while this is still possible. It is good to hear that this is being taken seriously in Rome.

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