The nightmare world of North Korea

It is not often that I would refer to the Sun newspaper here but there is a good article today by Oliver Harvey on "The Nightmare World of North Korea". The opening of the article could be used as a model for a journalism class:
IN a cold sweat, I was led away by the jackbooted and armed North Korean border guards to a bleak side room.

My crime was that I’d disobeyed strict orders and taken pictures of the Stalinist dictatorship’s long-suffering people and the ruthless military who keep them suppressed.
If you were being picky, you might say that there is not much real drama - a brief trip for journalists, a 15 minute scary interview and a 100 dollar fine; but I would disagree and take my hat off to the guy. He took a significant risk by trying to get some good photos and he wasn't to know what the consequences were. His article also gives a good description of the paranoia and numbness induced by Kim Jon-il's ghastly regime. The online version has a video clip with some covert footage he managed to get from inside North Korea.

I'm afraid I did laugh at this bit (italics original):
[I] remembered The Sun’s witty headline, “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea?” printed when Kim tested a nuclear device in 2006.

At that moment, it didn’t seem all that funny.
I bet it didn't!

H/T Kevin Knight at New Advent.

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