"Faith schools" grilling - see for yourself

You can watch the session of the Select Committee for Children, Schools and Families at this link on Parliament Live TV

If you watch the video through, you can see how Barry Sheerman bowls gentle questions to those who think that "faith schools" discriminate against poorer pupils and then various bouncers at the Church representatives.

The Independent has spun the story round into an attack on the Bishop: Ban anti-Catholic books in schools, says bishop

When grilled about not wanting to allow anti-Catholic books in Catholic school libraries, the Bishop quite reasonably pointed out that everyone would ban some books - for example books denying the holocaust. In the hands of the Independent, this becomes
A Roman Catholic bishop has likened books which criticise the teachings of the Church to works that deny the Holocaust took place.
of course he did no such thing: this is simply misdirection in response to an unanswerable argument.

Oh, and by the way, for many of you reading this blog who will be interested in such matters: I have been contacted by two priests of the diocese who tell me that Bishop O'Donoghue issued an exemplary statement on the Motu Proprio and the TLM is celebrated regularly each month in the Cathedral by the Cathedral Dean. He also appointed the thoroughly orthodox Fr Luiz Ruscillo to head up the diocesan education department.

I'm sure it is not too late to start a book on him at Paddy Power for Westminster. He would be a better bet than a certain "Fr Tim Finigan" who is ludicrously quoted at 10-1. ROFL

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