Chrism Mass - support for priests

For the past five years, Mulier Fortis has organised a group of women and girls to hand out holy cards to the priests processing into St George's Cathedral on Maundy Thursday for the Chrism Mass, to thank the priests for their work and assure them of the prayers of women from the diocese. There used to be a group of feminists protesting outside in favour of the ordination of women and I know that many of my colleagues were very pleased to see such a "counter demo" from women - although as Mac points out, it is not really a demo, just an expression of support for priests.

The prayer cards for this year include text from the Holy Father's address to the Roman Major Seminary in February this year and the picture is the one of Our Lady of Trust which the Holy Father referred to in his address.

They will be meeting outside the Cathedral at 10.45am. The Mass starts at 11.15am. Gathering afterwards in the Three Stags pub from about 1.15pm.

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