Lots of weather in Helsinki

Helsinki is covered in snow this morning and everybody says that winter has come late. Finnish public transport is renowned for being scrupulously on time and apparently snow causes some upset because the buses might be a minute or two late. I did have a bit of a problem getting a taxi over to the Church this morning (I had to take my suitcase) but apparently there are relatively few taxis in Helsinki because public transport is so reliable and inexpensive.

Low Mass this morning was in the Blessed Sacrament chapel of St Henry's Cathedral. Marko Tervaportti took photos during the Mass and has already posted the above photo and another at the Summorum blog.

After Mass, we had some excellent Finnish coffee in the Catholic Information Centre which is the hub for the administration of the Catholic Church in Finland. They have the Catechism of the Catholic Church on sale in Finnish along with Finnish translations of papal encyclicals and various other useful books.

Another Marko shepherded me on public transport until the final bus for the airport so I had the chance to visit the magnificent railway station which looks like Euston must have done before it was wreckovated in the 1960s. All seems to be well with the flight and the airport is a pleasure after the queues and maelstrom of our London airports.

I heard various interesting bits of news from elsewhere while in Finland so I'll have a little surf now while waiting for the flight to be called.

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