Video of Alasdair MacIntyre lecture

Thanks to Berenike of Laodicea for send a link to this page with a fascinating video of the lecture given by Alasdair MacIntyre at University College Dublin on the occasion of his being made an honorary Doctor of Letters by University College Dublin on 10 March.

The citation given by Professor Fran O'Rourke included reference to what has been called MacIntyre's philosophical nomadism:
"MacIntyre’s enquiry has led him to visit various schools of thought, framing different periods of his career: analytic, Marxist, Christian, atheist, Aristotelian, Augustinian Christian, and Thomist."
MacIntyre's most famous book "After Virtue" was written shortly after he was received into the Catholic Church. He has given a powerful and rational voice for virtue ethics and it is good both to see him honoured and to be able to hear his lecture.

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