Let the children live!

Fr Peter writes in the combox of the post about Comic Relief:
Thank you for this post, Father.

For our work with the street-children here in Medellín, Colombia, we rely on the funds raised by Let The Children Live! in the UK. Unfortunately, the excessive predominance of the Red Nose Day appeal is tending to squeeze out small, genuinely pro-life charities like this and is making it increasingly difficult for us to raise funds in Lent.
The charity supports the Fundación ¡Vivan Los Niños!, known as Funvini for short. This project cares for children living on the streets but also runs a pioneering programme to prevent other children from becoming "gamines." Gamines?
They are called 'the disposable ones', the children who live - and sometimes die - in the streets and the rubbish dumps of the cities of Colombia in South America. These 'gamines' range from six-year-olds to teenagers, and they are unloved, unwanted, beaten, robbed, abused, raped and murdered.
The Funvini house in Medellin is called "Casa Walsingham" - it provides meals, and educational, artistic and recreational activities.

Go over and have a look at the Let the children live! website which includes a facility to donate via paypal.

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