Pounding a priest?

Wait! Isn't that something that is subject to ecclesiastical penalty?

Not in this instance Fr Z has started a campaign to "Pound Fr Finigan". He has given an update for Day Two. He has raised a considerable sum for which I, and many of my parishioners, will be most grateful.

Damian Thompson's appeal has also been most helpful and has reached well over £1000. The letters of support have been very moving, coming as they do from people at all levels of society - Judges, QCs, Headteachers, senior Civil Servants; as well as manual workers, students, parents, and children.

Many thanks to all of you for your support. I have received many hundreds of letters and emails and will get around to replying to all - in the meantime, please be assured that you are in my prayers and that your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

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