Dominican nuns in full habit

A correspondent alerted me to the website of the Dominican Monastery of the Mother of God in West Springfield, Massachusetts. On their history page, there is the following piece:
But what about ourselves? What fruit has this year reaped? It has become a time of renewal, of reexamining our life, and of trying to be ever more faithful to our call as Dominican Nuns. Some concrete steps already taken include using more Latin at our Liturgy, and keeping the curtains at our Choir windows closed during our singing of the Divine Office, in order to better preserve our prayerfulness and recollection. But the biggest change so far is in the way we look! For on December 18, 2007, the feast of Our Lady’s Expectation in the old liturgical calendar, a feast especially dear to our foundress, Mother Mary Hyacinth, we went from a modified veil back to a traditional one. It was a day of joy and excitement, and of learning how to tie and tug things here and there!
Please remember the good sisters in your prayers, and ask that God may grant them many vocations.

The picture at the top shows the chapel of the community. In the centre is a large monstrance; here you can see it in more detail:

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