Coping with mental health problems

Seán Coyle, who comments here from time to time with wisdom and charity, edits the Misyon Magazine, whose purpose is to stimulate awareness of and support for mission and Filipino missionaries.

The current issue carries a short but moving article by Elizabeth Parkes, the daughter of Jackie, about coping with a mother who suffers manic depression. See: A Daughter’s View on Manic Depression. Jackie herself also has an article entitled The Agony and the Ecstasy. Many people suffer mental health problems at one time or another and it is good to see such an honest and helpful personal account. Jackie offers a message of hope to others:
I want to say to anyone suffering in a similar way to what I did, even through two or three years of awful agony, that recovery is possible.
Mind have an factsheet which gives a Young person's guide to mental health.

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