"The panel jeered when I said euthanasia"

A correspondent has sent me a link to this excellent 1978 piece by Malcolm Muggeridge on Humanae Vitae. At that time, Mugg had not yet become a Catholic but he was a seasoned media operator and understood how the MSM (then the only medium) slanted coverage of Pope Paul's landmark encyclical.

The great Mugg's description of the panel is amusing:
The people who are assembled for these discussions or panels on the BBC fall, usually, into various categories which are invariable: you generally have a sociologist from Leeds; you also have a life-purist usually with a mustache; you also have a knockabout clergyman of no particular denomination and enormous muttonchop whiskers; and you have, I regret to say, also, usually, a rather dubious father
He describes how he mentioned that contraception would not stop with limiting families but would lead to abortion and euthanasia.
And I remember that the panel jeered when I said particularly the last, euthanasia. But it was quite obvious that this would be so.

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