How the liturgy was viewed in 1968

An amusing element of browsing through old papers is to see the advertisements carried. This one from June 1968 helps to give an idea of what happened to the Liturgy at that time. (click to enlarge)

From Geoffrey Chapman, it offers the Book of Collects and the Sacramentary from the Roman Missal. The descriptive text concludes:
These books cannot be outdated as both are in a loose-leaf form which allows constant adaptation to change.
The mindset of the liturgical soixante-huitards was that the liturgy would not be in a fixed form any more. Week by week, pages could be inserted or removed to meet the needs of an ever-changing "modern man."

It is hardly surprising that many who were young adults at that time react so vehemently to Summorum Pontificum or even to the idea of the "reform of the reform."

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