Novena to St Norbert

The feast of St Norbert is on 6 June. Norbertine Vocations have therefore announced that there is a Novena to seek his intercession for our own needs and for the needs of the whole Church, starting today.

The Norbertines of St Philip's Priory, Chelmsford, have produced a fine booklet which gives a summary of St Norbert's life, then texts for each day, including a reflection on some aspect of his life and spiritual example. Here is a link to a pdf of the booklet: Novena in Honour of St Norbert.

St Norbert was one of many saints in the history of the Church whose work included the reform of the clergy: always a thankless task. In his case, the secular canons spat at him and tried to have him taken away by the secular authorities. St Norbert had a particular devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, to Our Lady and to the relics of the saints. More information in the Novena booklet.

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