Woolwich atrocity

This evening I was in London to give Benediction at the chapel of the Good Counsel Network which does so much good work in saving the lives of unborn children and helping their mothers to live with dignity, knowing that there are people who genuinely care for them and will give practical assistance.

To avoid the rush hour, I stopped for a bite to eat near Charing Cross and after getting home and tidying up a bit of work at the desk, I allowed myself a look at the social media. So I was confronted by the ghastly breaking news of a soldier from the Royal Artillery Barracks being hacked to death by muslim extremists in nearby Woolwich.

Quite understandably there are some very angry comments flying around. Certainly I will make a memento for the poor man tomorrow at Mass - requiescat in pace - but I am also praying hard that this will not set off another cycle of violence locally. May God preserve us!

Our Lady of Sorrows. Pray for us.

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