Exposing lies and falsehood over lunch


My not very convincing imitation of The Vortex next to the man himself. Thanks to the Clovis family I had the opportunity for a good chat over lunch with Michael Voris of Church Militant TV along with Fr Briggs, a certain incisive online commenter, and other good friends.

Michael spoke on Saturday at the Family Life International Conference and will be speaking this evening at Nottingham. He is at Tilburg (Netherlands) on Thursday and then London again next Saturday for the Pro Ecclesia et Ponitifice conference. (Details)

It has been quite a weekend. Blackfen has been hosting the Conference of the Catholic Medical Association and I went hotfoot from there for a late lunch before returning for the evening Mass.

I just enjoyed watching one of the latest of Michael's short programmes. It is the "Boretex" in which he extols the Church of Nice and the importance of not being divisive or offending anyone.

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