Answering hard questions with medics

A bit of a tall order, speaking to Catholic medics on "Answering Hard Questions." After all, medics can throw some of the most difficult moral conundrums concerning material co-operation in evil. This weekend, the Catholic Medical Association are meeting in my parish for their annual conference. Although there are a few old friends, I am always delighted that at these occasions I get to meet many people I have never come across before, all working hard in their own fields and trying to bring their Catholic faith to bear in their professional work.

It is a great privilege to be able to host such a conference in my parish and many thanks to the Treloars for organising it.

My talk was essentially the same as the one I gave last year for a day for catechists for the Southwark Diocese. If you want to see the materials, there are links at the post Answering Hard Questions.

A question came up about alternative therapy which we discussed in a sensible and serious way. I did also make reference to one or two more light-hearted things I had written. If you are interested, try Holistic Indian Head Massage or Hopi ear candles, quackery and the BBC.

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