A most beautiful book

The Saint Edmund Campion Missal and Hymnal was kindly sent to me by someone whose name I cannot clearly make out from the signature on the enclosed card. Whoever you are, you have my warmest thanks and assurance of prayers. (You can email me if you wish.)

The book could be described as a celebration of the glory  of the usus antiquior, a labour of love for tradition and beauty in the Sacred Liturgy. In the age of the Kindle, people often say that they like the feel of a real book and I reply that I do like real books but could not care much for glued paperbacks. This is a real book of fine quality: lovely to see such books still being made.

The texts of the Ordinary for Low Mass and High Mass have photographs and colour illustrations, including newly created illuminated capitals. Throughout there are digitally enhanced line art illustrations (which are being made available online in high resolution.) There is an amazing section with ancient manuscript illustrations to show the continuity of the texts that are used in the Mass. The whole Kyriale is printed (18 Masses and 6 Credos) together with a selection of hymns and devotional prayers.

You have probably already heard about this Missal already from Fr ZNew Liturgical Movement or Rorate Caeli. Joseph Shaw, LMS Chairman, has given a mixed review with some criticisms of the book particularly concerning its practical use as a book to take to Mass. I couldn't really argue with most of the points he makes.

Still you have to hand it to Corpus Christi Watershed - it is a most beautiful book and considering the quality, the price is surprisingly reasonable.

There is a page of links at Corpus Christi Watershed including videos, sample pages (including a high-res version of the picture above) and instructions for purchase.

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