Simcha Fisher on dressing in summer

Along with many other people, I do enjoy Simcha Fisher's writing. She is a fine example of the thoroughly modern orthodox Catholic woman: witheringly sceptical about feminism but also a woman to steer clear of if you have any thought of patronising women.

Today she has a typically trenchant post on modesty in dress for women as the summer heat draws upon us. She lacerates the practice of wearing "look at me" flesh-exposing outfits while also being practical on the difficulty of choosing what to wear when it is hot (she ends up in the living room wearing a paper bag.) A good taster quote:
If we're old enough to be choosing our own outfits, then we're old enough to choose something that doesn't look like it was dreamed up by a twelve-year-old boy who doesn't have a reliable father figure in the home.
See: Why I'm Wearing This.

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